Hi! My name is Philippe, and I am an Assistant Professor in Management Analytics at Bayes Business School (formerly Cass), as well as a Visiting Assistant Professor at London Business School.

My interest in emerging technologies and sustainability drives my research and I study how technologies can be used to improve value chain efficiency and sustainability. You can find out more about my research projects here. Some of the projects found here are part of my dissertation "Rethinking Supply Chains: Technology, Coordination, and Sustainability in Modern Operations Management," which has been awarded the 2022 TIMES Doctoral Dissertation Award.

Before starting at Bayes, I completed my Ph.D. at INSEAD in Technology & Operations Management. Prior to the Ph.D., I earned my B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany, as well as my M.Sc., also in Industrial Engineering, from KIT and Linköping University, Sweden (dual degree). While in Karlsruhe, I consulted companies in the region as a member and managing director of student consultancy delta Karlsruhe GmbH.