Teaching at Bayes Business School

Below you can find an overview of the courses I created and which I teach in the M.Sc. in Business Analytics at Bayes.

In this module, students get hands-on experience using business analytics technologies in Python to generate tangible benefits. We start by building the tools to gather data, focusing on web scraping and social media APIs. Students then familiarize themselves with typical tools used for descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. To this aim, we build on real analytics use cases across a number of business functions, such as marketing, human resources, finance, and strategic management.
  • Fall 2021 (new course): Teaching evaluation 4.7/5.0
  • Fall 2022: Teaching evaluation 4.4/5.0
Building on their experience applying business analytics to real problems, we delve deeper into the Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning toolbox. Students get to know the background of many state-of-the-art machine learning tools and how to apply these tools in practice to generate tangible benefits. While we continue building on some of the business use cases introduced previously, students also familiarize themselves with key applications in computer vision and natural language processing.
  • Spring 2022 (new course): Teaching evaluation 4.4/5.0
  • Spring 2023: Teaching evaluation 4.3/5.0
  • Teaching at INSEAD

    Below you can find an overview of my teaching experience at INSEAD.

    Process and Operations Management, MBA core course on key topics in operations Competitive Supply Chains, MBA elective course on supply chain management
    • Teaching assistant to Guillaume Roels
    • Design and creation of video tutorials on the newsvendor model, risk pooling, the and order-up-to inventory model
    • Video tutorials can be accessed here
    Org 2.0, MBA elective course on business analytics and machine learning
    • Teaching assistant to Phanish Puranam
    • Classroom instructor for tutorials on statistics and machine learning using Python
    Data Science for Business, MBA elective course on data-driven decision-making
    • Teaching assistant to Anton Ovchinnikov and Spyros Zoumpoulis
    • Classroom instructor for tutorials on programming in R
    • Teaching evaluation 4.9/5.0
    Tech talk about blockchain technology in supply chain applications
    • Hosted by digital@INSEAD and attended by more than 300 managers and executives
    • Discussion of the future role of blockchain in supply chains, with Q&A
    Final Project, Global Executive MBA
    • Project co-advisor together with Andre Calmon, providing mentoring, feedback, and grading
    • Novel application of blockchain in textile supply chains
    Business Sustainability, MBA elective course on sustainable operations management
    • Design and co-teaching of one lecture
    • Critical analysis of the possible role of blockchain in sustainable operations, with Q&A

    Teaching at Karlsruhe Insitute of Technology

    Below you can find an overview of my teaching experience at KIT.

    Programming I: Java, Industrial Engineering undergraduate core course on programming in Java
    • Classroom instructor for tutorials on programming, with a focus on object-oriented programming
    • Supervision and grading of programming exercises and written exams
    Foundations of Informatics I, Industrial Engineering undergraduate core course on the basic concepts of computer science and software engineering
    • Classroom instructor for tutorials on object-oriented modelling, logic, algorithms, complexity theory, and dynamic data structures
    • Grading of exams
    Foundations of Informatics II, Industrial Engineering undergraduate core course on theoretical computer science and computer architectures
    • Classroom instructor for tutorials on automata, computer architecture, formal languages, operating systems and modes, and data organization and management
    • Development of exercises for a companion book
    • Grading of exams